Author: J. C. Skye

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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“Rumors and Secrets” is the second instalment of 'The Green Eyed Wraith' trilogy. Tiffany is a young girl on a mission. She’s a senior level criminology student at Elmhurst College, but Tiffany isn’t going to class lately and nobody’s seen her on campus for days. She’s taken off to a small town nearby where she starts her own investigation into mysterious happenings back at the College. Just a few weeks ago, her best friend Kendall received a package from an anonymous sender. The package contained various books about necromancy and the summoning of ghosts. Yet, some of the books have disappeared and Kendall is having terrifying nightmares.During Tiffany’s investigation, she meets some odd characters along the way and has to be careful about her true identity and purpose. In a small town, word gets around fast and once something has been buried, nobody wants to dig it up again. If Tiffany can cut through all the secrecy surrounding this small town, then maybe she can find out all the answers she’ll need to figure out just who is behind this strange new cult taking root at the College.

Meanwhile, back on campus, Kendall has made a new friend and they’ve been doing some investigating of their own. Kendall has neglected her studies, but nothing can deter her from getting to the truth. She meets some new characters as well, but these new faces may not be real at all. There are already strange rumors about ghosts surrounding the campus library, but Kendall might find out firsthand whether or not those rumors are true. Who sent the strange books to her dorm and for what purpose? Who is the green-eyed woman and what does she want? How far is Kendall prepared to go in order to find out?