Author: Abigail Austin

Category: Contemporary Romance

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"Ty leaned closer and moved his furthest hand toward her. His hand moved to her throat, his fingers tracing down the side of neck then over her collarbone. His fingers brushed across her skin and she shook lightly with the feeling. Léonie closed her eyes and let herself feel. Just feel. She didn’t need to think, she didn’t need to do anything, she just felt the weight of his fingertips, the texture of his skin."Ty is the best of the best among the American Navy SEAL's stationed abroad in a time of conflict. Romance is the last thing on his mind as he patrols the perilous streets of Kabul trying to keep law and order.

A deadly explosion at the local children's hospital calls him to action, lives are at stake and Ty is the type of man that thrives on risk.

Among the carnage, he encounters the beautiful, distressed nurse, Leonie, with whom he takes on his mission to get out alive.

The unassuming reserved French nurse is surprised to realize that she is starting to fall for this all-American action hero during this time of terror.

Biding their time to escape they discover that they are more than the people they first seem to be. Will this tragedy be the setting for a new romance between the two or does survival come first?