Romance Books…

Crash (Westside Wolf Pack, Book 1)

Ben Singer, an omega werewolf, has been in love with his former best friend and the alpha scion of their wolf pack, Axel, from the time they were teenagers. Ben thought they were mates, but the rules of their pack kept them apart. Axel Cross is a fuck-up. The sexy... read more

A Grand Gesture

When Catherine Shreveton was invited to London to make her debut under the auspices of an aunt, her family insisted she go. In a pique, Catherine disguised herself to look as dull and drab as her aunt supposed her to be, and she kept everyone in the dark about her... read more

Colver House

Gabe Lundin has it all, a wonderful girlfriend, growing business and extended tight knit family. But he misses his best friend. He and Camille grew up together and she is in every memory and milestone in his life up until two years ago. Time and several bad choices... read more

Normal (Something More, Book 1)

It’s the kind of situation most people would dread. Starting at a new high school, in the middle of my senior year, in a new town, in a new state. I know no one. No one knows me. That’s what I’m counting on. A year ago, Aurora “Rory” Pine... read more

An Unlikely Candidate

Holly Reid is a student in criminology. Despite having spent her first couple of years in college partying, she has really buckled down over the past few semesters with a successful future in sight. The problem is, that she’s not quite sure how to get there! At least... read more

Angels at Midnight

Theirs was a union born of a quest for revenge.Ashley Gordon was the toast of the art world. She had it all: beauty, talent, a devoted husband and a child she adored — until a cruel twist of fate took it all away. Now locked in a bitter battle for custody,... read more

Her Love Story

Marietta Parks believes that the only way to stop surprises from happening in life is to control your own fate. Paying attention to every detail she scripts out her own life. Leaving love, romance and children out of it. But then she meets a man who just has to be... read more

Avoidables 1-3

Like all Avoidables, I’ve been consumed by hate for a race that rejects us so heartlessly. I’ve become dangerous. With only one arm, my world in limited. Not only with what I can and can’t do, but with my whole life. You see, I’m an Avoidable. A person... read more

Love and War

**This book is regular price $3.99, but it is on sale for only 99 cents during the month of May 2017**All is fair in love and war…Raven no longer believes in happily ever after. Her ex-boyfriend, who seemed great at first but turned into an abusive monster, taught her... read more

Sisterhood of Fear

Something has gone terribly wrong on the campus of St. Aggie’s University.Girls are waking up with unexplained injuries – or disappearing altogether. For Olivia and her roommate Taylor, it seems like some dark force is hovering constantly over them, making... read more

Taming Romeo (Sanchez Sisters, Book 1)

Evie Sanchez is recovering from heartbreak by waitressing at her parents’ restaurant when in walks Romeo Garcia, the boy she left behind. Only now, he’s a hot movie star surrounded by gorgeous actresses and adoring fans.Bad boy Romeo Garcia never understood why Evie... read more

Solo Tu (Only You)

Paranormal Romance Novella A witch by birth, Francy Montgomery feels she’s merely a fledgling in the eyes of the supernatural world. Only one man believed in her abilities, a man who ignited a magical fire within her that burns for his touch, despite his... read more

Alpha Packed (Book 1)

A BBW Paranormal Shifter StoryDarlene discovers an inner power that can help her werewolf boyfriend, Idris, in his fight against a rival pack. How can she hope to master such power if it frightens her so? ***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may... read more

Behind the Curtain

SHE WANTS TO BE A STAR. HE WANTS HER. ONLY A QUEST FOR STARDOM STANDS IN THE WAY. Lisa Williams has discovered a way to achieve her life-long goal of becoming a famous actress by bringing a reality television show to her hometown. Tommy Jackson despises the idea of... read more