Author: Timothy Freriks

Category: Historical Fiction

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It’s 1814, and the United States is on the brink of destruction. The War of 1812 rages and America is weak. The fate of the young country now lies in the hands of an unlikely collection of pirates and patriots .Inspired by true events and real characters, Roland: of pirates and patriots, tells a harrowing tale of loyalty, patriotism, piracy, strange friendships, and betrayal—a forgotten story that preserved our freedom. Paid by traitors to deliver a shipment of gold to America’s enemies, a bold naval captain is forced to choose between patriotism and survival. When conspiracy and murder threaten the ship and its treasure, a valuable secret is bestowed on one person: a twelve-year-old boy.

Follow Roland’s adventure as he navigates intrigue and danger and fights to escape those intent on discovering his secret. This is a story about a boy’s growth to manhood, conspiracy and dedication, greed and obsession, heroism and sacrifice, struggle and victory.