Author: Carmen Mendoza

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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A strip of black asphalt lays along the contours of the sun blistered desert, stretching from east to west leading nowhere. Along this lonely desert road travel various colorful souls. A painkiller addict finds love with the guide of a group of desert dwellers. Two other people are drawn to hike the washes that cut across the desert road, seeking what? A young woman stops among the pungent spring desert flowers to remember her time with a mysterious handsome Irishman. A mother and daughter allow the isolation of the desert to heal their strained relationship, while a desert watering hole caters to the desert rats, tourists and bar flies who make the bar their home. And along this desert road, a terrified young woman makes a run from her dysfunctional life to a new healthier one. These are the short stories that interrelate with each other, making up the contents of Road To Soul.