Author: Kat Faitour

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: September 17, 2016

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No risk.... no reward.Dominic Martin always played to win, even if it meant breaking the rules or bending the law. But his last corporate hack cost him the one thing that mattered most. Swearing himself to be reformed, he's returning to London where everything went disastrously wrong.

A year ago, Natalie Enfeld lost both her heart and reputation when Dominic seduced and betrayed her. Now she's rebuilt her life and sworn off anything--and anyone--that threatens her hard-won independence and newfound career.

But Dominic is back and determined to win her over again. Can Natalie resist the charming allure of the man she once adored? Or this time, will she turn the tables, take what she wants, and leave him?

In the high-stakes world of a luxury casino, it turns out that love is the biggest gamble of all.