Author: George Ilian

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This book offers an introduction to Branson, his businesses and the lessons that they teach us. It is not a text book nor a biography, but more of a cheat sheet for reading on the bus or in the bathroom, so that you can pick out the most significant points without having to carry around a bag of weighty tomes. You can read it all in one sitting, or look up specific case studies as and when you are looking for inspiration or direction. The key lessons outlined here are drawn from interviews Branson has given over his more than 40 years in business, from the numerous blogs and articles written by him and about him, and, most importantly, from the successes and failures of many of his commercial ventures. Though his theories and analysis are certainly important, and this book does indeed give them credence, the hardcore details of what worked and what didn’t, combined with the reasons why, are the most useful sources you have as a businessman, whether you are following in Branson’s footsteps as an entrepreneur, or contemplating his businesses from afar.