Author: M.G. Hawking

Category: Action & Adventure

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History is the odd planks of a shipwreck—far more of Earth’s past has been lost than preserved. History begins long after origins have disappeared, legends arise to preserve and transmit those origins. Explore an opportunity to unlock answers to the most profound legend facing humankind, now and since the beginning of time, answers that reveal the greatest secrets of the ages, far-reaching revelations that for long millenniums have remained hidden under the most intense silence.
This book contains accounts that, insofar as extensive research indicates, have no counterpart in available world literature. The underlying concepts are present in many profound literatures, both modern and ancient, but no actual description of an encounter or conversation with a Ri-iha-mo, a ‘celestial mountain goddess,’ as the Tibetan term translates, a resident of the legendary realm of Olmolungring. Such accounts may exist, but have apparently remained sealed, that is to say esoteric or arcane.
An unprecedented and extraordinary narrative that is inspirational, thought provoking, and richly enlightening, this book will resound in your heart and mind long after the last words have been read. For more information, please see the book’s Amazon description and the ‘Look Inside’ feature. Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count 206.