Author: Tim Wheat

Category: Action & Adventure

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Introducing a major new action writer and his undeniably charismatic college student turned hero, Rex Chase.

It’s the spring of 1937. Rex Chase pursues two doctoral degrees at Harvard University, is a standout baseball star, and has fallen in love. His lazy school days come to a quick end, though, when sinister powers bent on diabolical goals transform his life forever.

Learning massive amounts of information in a short time has always been simple for Rex Chase, but his thresholds are pushed to extremes in the following days. A raucous quest for answers exposes a global empire poised to unleash its untold wealth and unlimited power. Not only must he save his own life, and the lives of those he loves, but Chase’s adventures culminate in a powerful realization.

Only one man stands between pure evil and the abject subjugation of mankind.