Author: Jennifer Grigg

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Are You Struggling?Do you have a secret? Or a foggy memory, something that you've had sitting in the back of your mind, constantly pushed down so you NEVER have to face it?

For 30+ years I ignored the signs, suppressed the memories and yucky feelings, because I was ashamed and felt I was to blame, that somehow, it was all my fault.

Rewriting Life

In this book, you will see just what my secrets were... and how I ran from them until I was overwhelmed and overcome with all the thoughts and feelings I’d been hiding from all my life.

You don't have to be alone anymore. You don't have to hide from your feelings, push away the pain—because you can beat depression and anxiety, just as I did.

YOU are not to blame, YOU are not alone, and if you join me on this journey, you will learn how you can rewrite your own life.