Author: Phil Fogliani

Category: Mysteries

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Get Ready For the Scare of Your Life When the Sun Goes DownGet on board for the ride of your life. Horrible things are happening after the sun sets. Explore the unimaginable depths of darkness with seven distinctly horrifying stories that will have you gripping your pillow tight and turning on the lights. When the sun goes down, we are all enveloped into the abyss of blackness. Once it's dark, really dark, who can say what is really going on out there? Is it real or is it something else? Revival After Sunset will have you begging for answers.

Here's What You Get in Revival After Sunset

Through the Trees
This horrifying story is told from the viewpoint of a murderous savage that lives in the woods. He emerges from his cave nightly to spy on a family visiting their camp for the season. He has killed before but this time...
The Woman in the Well
An adventurous child stumbles across an abandoned well deep in the woods. He meets a mysterious woman there who claims to live in the well. He begins sneaking out of the house at night to meet and talk with her—he lives alone with his single father and she is like a mother. She helps him at first but then in exchange for her supernatural assistance, she....

Plus five more terrifying stories including Terror in the Woods, Chase of Death, Zombies are Real, Midnight Madness, and He Rose in Fury.

Revival After Sunset will challenge your way of thinking about horror stories, and it will keep you up at night wondering if this could happen to you.

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