Author: Maya Moss

Category: Mysteries

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Taylor and Ethan discover that their partners are cheating on them with each other. They decide to take revenge on their partners together but end up falling in love.Taylor and Ethan are both former geeks. They’ve grown into their skin, look good, gotten good jobs and figured out their lives. But they still have a bit of a complex about their former inferiority. Which is probably why they both picked “aspirational partners.” Meaning, that they’re both dating people who have always been cool. Taylor’s guy was on the football team and he’s a broad, strapping, all-American type guy who’s perpetually confident. Ethan’s lady was a sorority sister who has tons of friends, an active social life and always looks perfect. The relationships of both are floundering because they don’t have much in common. It is probably an experiment for both their partners too – after enduring bad relationships with people more like them, they decide to go for someone totally different (a nerd). Ethan and Taylor both long for a partner who understands them, not who thinks they’re weird or cute.

When Ethan and Taylor accidentally find out that they’re being cheated on and connect, they decide to subject their partners to reenactments of some of their most humiliating moments from high school. They bond over this project and realize they have a lot in common. But the tables turn when their partners decide to enact revenge and things get dangerously out of hand.