Author: Staci Stallings

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Camille Wright and Jaylon Quinn met in high school and fell in love, but their dreams under the stars took them in two different directions. Now an aerospace engineer, Camille is successful in her career but struggling in life. Jaylon’s life took him where he never expected to be, and now he’s building a life that looks perfect—from the outside. Both remember the love they shared but understand that love once lost rarely comes back around… Ten years later. Lives have changed. Dreams have changed. Or have they?A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel, REUNION gives a glimpse into two people who are better together than they ever are apart. However, time and life have driven a wedge between them. Can they bridge the gap and find love a second time around? As inspirational books go, this one has it all—two struggling characters, loss, love, and ultimately peace. You will cheer for these two, cry with them, and love them just like you would expect to in the best of romance books. It is a romance like no other.“Staci Stallings… Christian romance of the best and sweetest kind!”*~* EXCERPT *~* Gingerly Camille let go of the bale and slid closer to the edge of the trailer, trying to figure out how she could dismount gracefully.“Here, let me help.” In the next instant Jaylon inexplicably reached up and took hold of her just under her arms. Gently he lifted her, body and spirit, from the trailer and set her on the ground as every feeling she had managed to deny during the previous minutes gushed to the surface. The next moment lasted only a breath, but it felt like infinity had just engulfed her as her gaze fell into the depths of his.“You good?” he finally asked, gazing down at her.“I’m great,” she said as a sincere smile wafted across her features.“J.P., dude.” Seth clapped him on the shoulder. “We’d better get back, or the women might think we fell off the darn trailer.”“Yeah,” Jaylon said with an off-handed nod in Seth’s direction, but he looked back at Camille. “I’ll be there in a second.”“Okay, but you behave yourself.” Seth lifted an eyebrow and an index finger at his friend in warning.“Oh, shut up. I’ll be there in a second,” Jaylon said, and Seth laughed out loud and walked away. Jaylon feathered his hair back and smiled down at her. He seemed to back away from her although he didn’t move. “So, I’ll see you later then?”“Yeah,” she said as her heart panged forward. “I’ll be around.”His eyes softened with the news. “Well, take care. Okay?”“You too.”He stood for one more breath, and then he took a reluctant step away from her, taking her heart and soul with him. Her eyes fell closed as the ripping of her spirit followed him down the driveway and through the side gate. When she opened her eyes again, she looked up at the stars shimmering above her perfectly replicating the shimmering tears on her lashes. “Why, God? Why?”