Author: Zed Amadeo

Category: Fantasy

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Brutally attacked and left for dead, Dina Durst’s mundane life is brought to an abrupt end.A LIFE GAINED…
With her ordinary life broken beyond repair by the mysterious attack, Dina is dragged into a dark underworld of magic she never knew existed. No longer able to lead the life she once had, Dina embarks on a search for answers and quest for revenge, discovering new powers within herself.

Using her new discovery of magic, Dina rebuilds herself into a powerful new creature: a witch, intent on seeking revenge on those who wronged her. What nightmares and revelations will she unearth as she explores this dark world of fantasy and magic?

Experience Dina’s entrance into a supernatural and mystical world in Resurrection, the introduction to the “Kindred” series of dark urban fantasy novellas by Zed Amadeo.