Author: Penel Ashworth

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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An insider spills the beans on the secret life of cats! Squirt is a cat with delusions who thinks he is a feline superhero and sincerely believes he sounds like Sir Sean Connery. One thing is certain, he is an extraordinary cat.Squirt tells his stories with wit and wisdom; diary extracts, profound philosophies, acute and hilarious observations of the world and some innovative if somewhat quirky ideas. Meet Squirt's family, friends and enemies and his alter ego The Shadow. Follow his exploits as he plots revenge on the mysterious Box Man, organises a world class sporting event and discovers something quite offensive on his doorstep.

Do you know why cats wear goggles?
What on earth would a cat do with a supermarket carrier bag?
Do you know the true definition of 'catastrophe'?
Squirt has all the answers!

From Amazon customer reviews:-

"A laugh out loud work of genius!"

"Well written and jam-packed with great imagery...I highly recommend this Kindle book for cat lovers, young and old."

"Charming, delightfully funny, insightful, heart warming."

"From beginning to end this book is a joy"

If you think that your cat leads a quiet, uneventful life it is quite likely that Squirt's tales of the reservoir cats will make you change your mind. You are sure to fall in love with this witty, irreverent, irascible cat!