Author: Scott Allan

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Overcome your fear of rejection…today!REJECTION RESET: Crush Your Self-Defeating Fear of Social Rejection and start to feel great again!

What this book provides you with is a program full of actionable steps that can you begin to put into action right away…and see real results. You will learn to identify the triggers and behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of defeat, why you feel inferior, and what you can do get over this and start to live a more fulfilling life.

Life is short. You don’t want to waste any more of it suffering with the pain of living a dysfunctional lifestyle. This book is going to move you from that place of pain to a life you can fully enjoy. You deserve the best and, when you follow the system I have provided in this book, you will start to see massive results in a short time. Don’t put your life on hold anymore; it is time to make a serious shift in the way you think, behave and act. So take action NOW and shift your mindset to winning!

Here is a preview of what you'll learn...!

Crush your self-defeating inferior mindset
Break your fear of social anxiety
Remove the barriers of a negative mindset focused on fear and integrate a new mindset full of positive energy
Make massive changes to your life in just ten minutes a day with simple-to-use actionable steps
Lead a more energized lifestyle without feeling trapped
Utilize my 20-habit strategy to create positive routines to add more vitality and re-energize your life
Reverse disempowering beliefs
And much, much more!

Here is more of what you can expect out of this book---

Take immediate action steps against the fear of rejection so you can feel great about yourself again
Get over your pain points of jealousy, inferiority, inadequacy and vulnerability
Stop trying to measure up to other people and just be who you
Break the mindset of the rejectionist and replace it with healthy, positive habits that focus on creating the life you have always wanted
Disengage the faulty negative beliefs that kill your motivation
Implement powerful strategies that work to replace your worn out techniques that only serve to defeat you
Build healthy social relationships with people and get confident with yourself in social settings
Learn the 6-step process for creating lasting change and breaking the negative cycle
Implement my twelve-habit strategy and build daily routines to keep you from slip-ping back into a lifeless rut.