Author: James Kipling

Category: Mysteries

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In Redemption, the riveting conclusion to the Power Play Trilogy, we once again return to India and the convoluted war between the selfish and the selfless. Kavi has lost almost everything – his parents, his brother, and maybe even his sister – or so he thinks. Raj is lost without the love of his life, Priya. And Siya is harboring secrets from her loving husband. On the other hand, there’s Sultan, deadly assassin and Kavi’s greatest enemy, and Chaudhry, the man everyone wants dead. We can’t forget Tapan, contender for the elections, or Alka, the supposedly dead woman who faked her own death. Last but not least, there’s Krish. Election candidate. Check. Guardian of a furious Kavi, a pregnant Siya, and a man who is being used as bait, Raj. Check. Not to mention the fact that the other side wants him dead and out of the war. Too bad he doesn’t plan on going anywhere.With the help of Sai and Asim, Kavi sets out to right the wrongs of India. Alone, and with a bit of information from a wayward mother, Raj swears an oath to kill Chaudhry. And Alka, fed up with her monstrous husband, flees to right the wrong of her own past. With all these wrongs out there, there are no obvious choices. Sometimes it’s not easy to do the right thing. Throw in a bit of danger, a reckless nature, and a deadly poison and things are sure to get interesting. Who will win the election? A better question might be: who will live to see the election? When you have a reckless politician willing to murder children for personal gain and an assassin who can kill without leaving a trace, you’ve got a whole lot of options before you. But we all know that “men are not punished for their sins, but by them.” When the selfish meet the selfless, there’s only one choice you can make. Give up or fight back. ‘Mystery: Redemption – Suspense Thriller Mystery’ is the third and final book in the ‘Power Play’ Trilogy by author James Kipling.