Author: Heather Lee Dyer

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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ONE GIRL MAY HOLD THE KEY TO SURVIVAL.As mankind clings to life in space habitats above their dying home, 17-year-old Kaci Lee is hopeful of the future. After all, she worked countless hours to get her space pilot's license, the first of many meticulously-planned lifetime goals. She's well on her way to achieving everything she's ever wanted.

Unforeseen dangers during a routine recycling mission force Kaci to land on the mostly-evacuated Earth. Surprisingly, she meets Abishai on the planet's surface, the handsome son of a famous and mentally-unstable scientist, Dr. Kincaid. Together, Kaci and Abishai must survive in the face of radiation sickness and a freak superstorm. Little do they know that Abishai's father possesses the greatest danger of them all.

Dr. Kincaid has a secret. A secret that could kill Kaci. A secret that could wipe out what's left of the human race.

Recycling Humanity is the first book in a YA sci-fi dystopian series that features intergalactic action, surprising plot twists, compelling characters, and a kick-ass female heroine. If you liked The 100, The Lunar Chronicles, or The Partials Sequence, then you'll love this new space adventure.