Author: Penny Black

Category: Historical Romance

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They'll respect you more if you fight backKendra's heard stories told of the huge and powerful, God-like men from the east from travellers that come through her village on the way up to the trading post at Scarth, but she never expects them to descend on her like a dream come true, and steal her away into the night.

Held captive by her new keepers, Kendra watches as they demonstrate their might, showing the girl in search of adventure exactly what they have planned for her. They want to make her their Queen, and each one of these muscle-bound barbarians plans to show her exactly how he means to go about it.

Kendra can't hide her delight, and when it's time for her to perform, she makes damn sure she doesn't disappoint.

Feared throughout the land, these men of inhuman proportions are unlike any she's ever encountered before and she will do anything to make them hers.

She'll even fall in love.