Author: S.M. Jacobs

Category: Parenting & Family

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From Coordinating carpool schedules, wading through laundry, breaking up fights, to being careful not to over-parent nor under-parent, parenting is not an easy task. As a parent it’s easy to get lost in the busyness and pressures of raising a “good child” whilst juggling work and relationships. 50 Wisdom stories have been chosen to help make parenting more enjoyable. The timeless morals and ethics found within can be applied in our daily lives to increase happiness. When passed down to our children, relationships become more harmonious, and our children more mature and wiser in their decision making. These stories have been left without interpretations, and are a great bonding and teaching opportunity. Listening to your child’s own interpretation of each story is also highly recommended. The stories are presented in a “story a day” fashion. The wisdom contained in these stories transcend time. Related quotes have been included to provide extra food for thought.