Author: Barb Asselin

Category: Parenting & Family

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For most people, the idea of starting a family and having a baby conjures up a mixture of emotions. They are excited to start this new journey but scared at the same time. Will they do the right thing? Will their baby be healthy? Will they repeat the mistakes of their parents – or the successes? How will they know if they are doing it “right”?
The idea that YOU are the one responsible for this tiny new life can be overwhelming.
This book will help you see how to eliminate one of the major challenges in having a baby – communication. When a baby is born, the only way he or she can communicate is by crying. Learning and using sign language with your baby allows them to communicate with you MUCH sooner than if they had to wait until they could talk – up to two years sooner!
Better communication means WAY less crying and a MUCH happier baby – and parent!
PLUS, this book will show you how you can benefit from this new form of communication in just minutes a day - honestly!
Ready? Let’s get started…