Author: RJ Parker Ph.D.

Category: General Nonfiction

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This book depicts the rise of ISIS and how these savages have infiltrated America. Today's Radical Islamist Terrorist could be just a breath away from any of us: a fellow student, an employee or even the soldier in the next bunk. We could be attacked at a park, a mall, or a dance club. Americans today are facing an alarming new terrorist threat: 'Self-Radicalized' Terrorist. Unlike previous 'sleepers' like the 9/11 hijackers who infiltrated the United States from abroad, this new breed of 'Terrorist' come from within. Many are natural born Americans or immigrants to the U.S. who, over time, 'Self-Radicalized' themselves through radical Islamist internet propaganda and undertook terrorist action on their own initiative with little or no guidance from overseas terrorist groups. Unpredictable and often disguised in their previous identity as loyal American university students, government employees, or even members of the US military, this new 'franchise style' of terrorist is difficult to detect. RJ Parker, Ph.D., documents in a single volume some of the prominent and frightening recent cases of self-radicalized terrorist strikes in the United States. This book provides a review of: 1. Introduction by Dr. Peter Vronsky - "Why They Hate Us: A Politically Incorrect History of Global Islamist Terrorism"2. San Bernardino Shootings in California 3. The Boston Marathon Bombings 4. Fort Hood Shootings 5. Sniper Attacks in Washington, D.C 6. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Attack, Canada 7. Parliament Hill Shooting, Canada 8. Radicalization 9. Islam versus the West 10. Islamic Terrorism 11. Influence of ISIS 12. Self-Radicalization Recruiting through Social Media WARNING: SOME PHOTOS ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC