Author: Russell Stoll

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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An extraordinary event is predicted on a dark world called Earth, a planet still ignorant of the thriving galaxy around it. A rare being of nearly unlimited power called a quiznot will arise on its surface. The powerful take notice and prepare, for if you control the quiznot, you control the galaxy.Which means nothing to thirteen-year-old Timothy Starr—his life is in free fall. After a chance encounter with a beautiful girl, he’s developed psychokinetic abilities driven by his emotions. When his outbursts nearly kill two classmates, he’s banished to the Smithson School.

But the teachers don’t seem interested in helping him get better and the few other students he meets with unusual powers are sullen and reclusive. When he discovers that the school is built over the tunnels of an old missile base that may still be in use, Timothy wants answers. But he’s warned that students who ask questions at Smithson don’t live to ask twice.