AUTHOR: Penny Black

CATEGORY: Historical Romance



DEAL STARTS: 2015-12-29

DEAL ENDS: 2016-01-06



Description : Why only have one tall, blonde and rugged hero when you can have half a dozen?We own you now. Each and every one of us.

Desire everywhere, aching through her skin. Heart beating wildly, pounding in her chest. Her breath short, their pleasure forbidden.

She’s surrounded by them, bound to them, powerless to resist. Her body is no longer her own. What they want they will take. What she wants is now out of her control.

Barbarians, savages, Vikings. The words hot on her lips, her knees weak with their need.

She wants it. She has to have it at all costs.

Demanding hands rough with greed. Clothes torn to bare delicate flesh. Touching her in ways she’s never been touched. No stopping it. Fingers, tongues, lust everywhere. Hard, insistent, demanding.

Alpha males ALWAYS get what they want.

Once the Queen of England, now nothing but a slave, there is no turning back for inexperienced Anne.

History meets fantasy in this steamy romance novella, as Penny Black lets her imagination run wild to take you on an incredible forbidden journey you’ll never forget.

This is a standalone romance novella with a very happy ending.


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