Author: Danielle Davis

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Sydney Valentine is a kick-butt female detective with an edge and an attitude--about everything. She's a sassy and contemporary cop who's tough and potty-mouthed. She's going to see justice served--no matter what.The Protector (Book 1)When the body of a social worker is found on the stairway inside the building where she worked, a mouthful of Scrabble letters tells Detective Valentine that this is not a random killing.And it's not.A brutal killer with a sinister connection to Child Protective Services is prowling the streets in Detective Sydney Valentine’s jurisdiction. Additional letters are needed to piece together the puzzle, but that means more victims will perish. A dead juvenile court judge, a single mother – the body count climbs.Detective Valentine becomes a target and the stakes rise. Her sister is attacked and Valentine realizes she needs to step it up before it's too late. Her courage and investigative skills are put to the test. She must protect her family and take down the killer before any more people die.A fast-paced novel of mystery and suspense, The Protector will grip you from the very beginning, so hold on tight.Amazon Reviews about Danielle Lenee Davis"The book is pacy and the case original, but it was the balance between sensitivity and action that really blew me away. Ms Davis writes fantastic relationships; I don't think I've ever been so emotionally invested in crime fiction before! Every character was so human, and every death was treated like a real tragedy rather than a 'complication to the case'.""The attention to detail and accuracy in police procedure, the witty dialogue, and memorable characters make this a must-read."