Author: Paige Powers

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Beau and Boyd are twins and the babies of the Abbott Clan. They have struck off on their own, leaving South Carolina, the only home they have ever known. First stop, Arizona, where they are sworn in as U.S. Marshals. Boyd hits his stride, finds a home, and starts a family. Beau, on the other hand, is still looking for the life that he wants.Moving on to California, Beau takes an assignment, still searching for adventure and a home of his own. He settles in Pacific Lakes, where he is on assignment with the local sheriff's office. His first gig is undercover, to find out the details on the demise of bigwig, businessman, and landowner Robert Barnes.

Barnes and his family practically built up the city of Pacific Lakes. The elections are impending, and Robert Barnes is a key figure in the city. Once he dies suddenly, his family is left reeling in the aftermath. No one is able to crack the case, leaving the family with unanswered questions.

Beau is sure that he can help. But when he meets Barnes' twin daughters, he gets more than he bargained for. Billie is the quiet, easygoing one. Bobbie is the firecracker who immediately strikes Beau's attention.

Will Bobbie and Beau give in to the feelings they share, or will Bobbie turn away from Beau because of the instability of his career as a lawman? Will Beau get the woman that he loves, or will he let love slip through his fingertips?