Author: Jackie Love

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Mixed Blessings
(Radical Love Romance Collection) (New Adult Contemporary Book 1)Amanda Clarkson was a lawyer. Winning her first real case in court it had her thinking about her own family. Being adopted, she'd always wondered about her history and where she had come from. Deciding to ask her adopted father for information about her birth family, she got enough information to hire a private investigator to look into it for her.

Grady was the private investigator she had hired to find her birth family. He found her mother for her and found out she had a brother. Eager to meet them, Grady agrees to take her to go meet her birth family. Getting intimate with a client was never on his agenda, and whatever chemistry is brewing between the two of them is undeniable, even though neither of them seem to know how to handle their growing attraction.

Her birth mother confides a secret to Grady and puts him in the middle of the family drama
hoping he's the man for the job.