Author: Dr. Gary Webb

Category: Advice & How-To

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This is the third book in the Prepare! Publish! Promote! series. This volume is focused on helping new authors to market their books for maximum profit. In fact, it is designed to help them become aware of the habits and systems they must develop if they want to establish a career in writing.By reading PREPARE! PUBLISH! PROMOTE! Book 3, you will learn:
• How to understand the ways readers find their books on the internet today
• How to develop a book marketing plan, a marketing calendar, and marketing checklist
• How to get reviews to boost your book sales
• How to include some off-line techniques in your book promotional planning
• How to use some of the most common channels for online marketing, including websites, social media, blogs, and mailing lists
• Using the internal tools provided by Amazon for book promotion
• How to build a targeted mailing list of readers wanting books in your niche
• How to build a landing page to gather those names and addresses (including a bonus offer)
• A listing of websites (paid and free) that will link to your book on Amazon or other sites.
• Social media platforms that you can use to promote book sales, including specific Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, etc.
• How to launch a new book in a way to maximize Best Seller ranking and sales
• How to maintain book sales over time
• How to repackage your book content into new forms for additional income.

If you are an author or at least an aspiring author, this book will be a valuable contribution to your success. it is filled with links to additional resources that will help further your development of skills and productivity. Even the list of other marketing books and websites are worth the price of the book! You should start reading this one today!