Author: Cecily Magnon

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Sarah Amalfi and her best friend Samantha are headed to Tijuana looking for some summer fun after their high school graduation... but there’s something far more sinister looming over this road trip than an innocent shopping trip at Tijuana’s famous market place…Warnings from strangers, a vicious attack by a shadowy assailant, a charismatic stranger named Will…

What do they want with Sarah?

Sarah is forced to consider that there was nothing chance about her meeting with Will, but how can she accept the fantastic possibilities that Will presents to her? A hidden realm within our own, governed by cryptic magic, ancient alliances, demons… and passion beyond her understanding

The truth comes hard and fast in this riveting prequel to the romantic supernatural awakening of Gathering Storm!

This is a short read lush with fantasy, romance, and paranormal excitement -- a thrilling tale about magic and destiny begins with Prelude to a Storm.