Author: Linda Vermont

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Learn from the author's experience how you can have a perfectly healthy pregnancy at the age of your choice."So, maybe, you’re having those moments when you feel like…you’re not too sure about having a kid early on, or you’d rather wait for the perfect time. Let me tell you: it’s okay. It is perfectly okay to have a baby late, especially if you keep your health in check.

Sure, at times, there are moments of frustration but during those times, ask yourself this: would you really have wanted to have a baby at say, 22? 25? Look back on your life and what you have been doing then. Would you have been ready to give the fun up, or slow down, or just change your lifestyle right away?

Not everyone is ready to have a child right away in their 20s—or after getting married. That’s seriously okay. In fact, I believe that it’s better to have a child late because then, you’ll have enough time to carve a career for yourself, make friends, meet people, and most importantly, explore and get to know yourself. Because when you know yourself, you won’t get to project your frustrations on your kid—and you’ll have a happy, healthy relationship because of that."