Author: A.J. Aaron

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Psychopath + Empath = World Domination?When Roland Vandergrift, a psychopath with a PhD in Neuro-physiology and Psychiatry wants something, he always gets it. Or does he. Will Sedric Jace, a high degree empath with a PhD in Physics, become like his psychopathic boss and mentor, Roland Vandergrift? Will Sedric be lured into the world of power, control, and conformance and help Roland achieve world domination?

Enter a world of big business where Lean Transformations have enabled massive reductions in work forces and closing of manufacturing plants. A world where the women are turned into stepford wives through the use of pharmaceuticals that affect their DNA to keep them subservient and devoted to men. A world where secrets are shared amongst a few privileged elite, in a special club where secrecy violations are met with the penalty of death.

If a high degree empath can hear others’ thoughts, experience their feelings, and heal others, can a cold and calculating psychopath be the other end of the scale and capable of causing death purely through intention?

It is known that one in every 25 people is a psychopath. That doesn’t mean they are killers and many make excellent CEO’s, commanders, and leaders. They learn to fit in well and present some of the emotions of normal people without becoming emotionally involved with decisions. However, to them, other people are still no more than objects moving through space.

Empaths are less well known since they never cause harm and fit well into society as caring and empathetic persons. Some intuit others' feelings, while high degree empaths can even read minds and heal.

Can empaths be turned into psychopaths and use their powers for killing instead of healing?

What could possibly replace power, control, and conformance in this world? Can these three methods, used for centuries by governments, the military, and religions to amass wealth, create empires, and shape society, be replaced, or should they simply be accepted since that is how the world works.

Join Doctor Sedric Jace in his quest for answers.