Author: Bryan Collins

Category: Literary Fiction

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Some people like cuddly romantic stories that end well.This novella isn't one of those.

Cornelius Fitzpatrick is a rich Irish investment banker with a gorgeous wife Blayne, who works as a part-time model.

He is a man who thinks he has it all. For years, he enjoyed the finest things in life, but all that changed when the Great Recession arrived in Dublin.

His younger brother Ernest Fitzpatrick is everything Cornelius isn’t: a poet, a romantic, in-love and poor.

One day, Cornelius loses his high-paying job as an investment banker, and on the same day his brother and Ernest’s wife Jessica win the lotto.

Almost immediately, Cornelius’s life is turned upside down while his brother becomes the rich one in the family.

There’s just one problem: both brothers have something the other wants.

In this darkly comic and contemporary story, you’ll find out what happens when a rich brother trades places with his poor brother and if either of them can find some measure of happiness.