Author: Corrina Glaser

Category: General Nonfiction

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Have you ever feel like your destiny is always being controlled by society’ demands and expectations? Sometimes no matter how hard we tried, things just don’t work out the way we want too. Don't you agree? When we were young, we have so many ambitions, dreams and goals but all this seems to vanish into thin air when we get a little older. We were taught not to fail, to be perfect. We get punished or labelled when we do things wrongly or failed in certain aspects in our life. We stop being happy and just live the way others want it to be. “Please Yourself First” teaches you how to recreate your life that you once desire. It helps to discover the true self about your own personality and characteristics. In addition, wouldn’t it wonderful that people around you starts to love you, although right now you might feel that you are inadequate? To be exact, this book ‘’Please Yourself First’’ provides you with ideas to get back your happiness that you deserve all once again! So take a little action now! Buy it now and change your life!