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Phalaenopsis orchids are easy to keep, lovely to see, and exciting to grow on your own. The process mentioned in the book is just to help you know how to take care of your orchids and turn them into fully grown cycles of plants.When you put all your effort in cutting, misting, watering and managing the best light, there is not greater joy then seeing the flowers sprout. This seems like a reward to your worries and hard work.The book has focused on the approaches which you can utilize to keep your moth orchid alive and healthy. There are also some tips on cutting the spikes and fertilizing the orchid.

Overall, the book gives an overview of this plant, conditions of its survival, and important knowledge about it. You can easily learn about the growth of these orchids even if you are a beginner at it. You just need to know that no one is perfect and even the perfect ones had first times.