Author: Lucia Jordan

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Courtney McAllister is in trouble. Her boyfriend has dumped her, evicted her, and taken her job from her. So now she’s living with a friend, and working at an exclusive club, a club that caters for more “refined” tastes. She needs this job to get her life back on track. She can’t afford to lose it.So when regular customer Isach Wellington starts to give her a little too much attention, Courtney panics. Isach may be irresistibly attractive, and utterly charming, but the number one rule at Club Essex is that staff and patrons must never get involved.But Isach proves to be a very difficult man to resist. A perfect moment leads to a back-room tryst that has Courtney longing for more. Isach has shown her a side of herself she never knew existed. He’s brought her pleasure unlike anything she’s ever experienced before.

When Courtney returns to work the next day, she’s in for a surprise like no other, that will have her life turned upside down.