Author: Dr. Orly Katz

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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It all started as a joke…It was on one of those days when we could feel that summer had almost arrived.
Three boys of my class got hold of one of the quiet geeky kids, and for no special reason decided to pull a prank on him… they tied him to a chair in the middle of the playground and stripped off all his clothes…even his pants and shorts!

Interested to read what happened next?

Read this and many more fun and exciting stories to find out!
This teen's book (age 12-16) gives exceptional, effective, easy to implement tools for dealing with peer pressure issues and true friendship in junior high school and includes:.

• True life short stories about growing up!

• Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!

• Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires

• A personal journal
All of which will help you discover How to deal with peer pressure, How to be “Simply Me” and most important - how to survive junior high!