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From the authors who brought you the blockbuster collection Love Regency Style.LADY IN DISGUISE Wendy Vella
To save her family from ruin, Miss Olivia Langley is forced into a dangerous charade – pulling on a disguise, she takes to the road as a highwayman. Disaster strikes when she robs the one man she had hoped to avoid. Five years ago Lord William Ryder broke Livvy's heart. Now he has returned, and she fears he will unmask her deepest secrets.

The infamous rake, Lord Richard Hamilton, has chosen a bride—the very appropriate Miss Emma Grey.
The ton approves, Lord Grey is pleased, Lady Grey delighted, and Emma is thrilled, but her uncle, Duke of Arden, opposes the match.
Richard concocts a plan. It is a simple matter of masquerading as the duke’s gardener, compromising the lady, then having the duke rush them off to Gretna Green.
He never imagined compromising a lady could be so difficult. He forges ahead in spite of house guests, a flea bitten mattress, his lovesick best friend, and a blackmailer.
Just as things are going well, he becomes a murder suspect.

Nicholas Spencer, Earl of Grayson, won’t make the same mistake twice and let Josephine Knightly go. She loves him. He felt it in their one kiss before he left, and in the single kiss she allowed since his return. But she’s doing everything in her power to sabotage the marriage even before it’s begun. Nicholas doesn’t care. If Hell is where he must live to have her, then she must stand by his side in the fire.

MY FAIR GROOM Linda Rae Sande
If people only see what they expect to see … then why doesn’t she?
When Lady Julia and her friend notice a handsome groom from their second-story window, they decide the man would make the perfect gentleman. Julia accepts Samantha's challenge to transform the man in time for a ball. But Alistair Comber is a gentleman—the estranged second son of an earl. Alistair agrees to Julia's request that he learn how to bow, dance and dress like a gentleman—how hard can it be when he's already a gentleman? How hard indeed!

LADY BESS Claudy Conn
Bess Saunders has fallen in love. He is charmingly masculine and his Scottish accent incites very unmaiden-like desires.
The Earl of Dunkirk wants a wife who 'understands' they will each go their own way after she gives him an heir.
Lady Bess is exquisite, yes, but she is also an innocent who expects faithfulness. He won't ruin an innocent, and yet, he can't get her out of his head.
Although Bess doesn't look for trouble, she finds it—and Bess is not your average, simpering female. She takes on danger and mayhem like she does everything else: full throttle.

ONCE UPON A RAKE by Samantha Holt
Once upon a time, Little Ellie Browning discovered happily ever afters don’t exist and rakes were simply rakes. When the man she adored broke her heart, she married an elderly earl.
The now widowed Eleanor, Countess of Hawthorne, has returned to England as part-owner of a cotton mill. But the owner of the mill—the rake who hurt her years earlier—won’t let a woman interfere with his business.
Lucian is recovering from the effects of a fire that destroyed one of his mills while still fighting to save the other. He doesn't need any distractions. After a series of accidents, it seems someone wishes the mill to close.
With things heating up between Ellie and Lucian, not only is the mill in peril--they are both at risk of getting burned...

A vicious case of arson sends Sarah into hiding. She believes she’s safe, then receives an ominous note. The killer has found her. She is again in danger from a man determined to burn away the past.
Sarah contacts William, an inquiry agent, for help finding the arsonist. But, after so many years, he has few clues, until another attempt is made on Sarah's life. The trail is littered with dangers, including his attraction to the strong-willed woman he's sworn to