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As a parent, you discover your baby needs your guidance from infancy, toddlerhood, teenage times, into adulthood. The guidelines used with your child can vary since every child is unique. Children have a natural instinct to explore his/her surroundings and just aren’t sure how to go about completing the task. It takes trial and error when you begin the discipline routines but as you now see, you don’t have to be unpleasant with the child. It might take some time to discover the problems your toddler is facing but using some of these techniques should help with the process. Reasons to Have This Book as an Infant to Toddler Attitude Adjustment Tool: 1) These guidelines will help guide you through your child’s development. 2) Know when to say NO! 3) Know how to pick and choose your arguments. 4) Know how to handle the three Rs. 5) Discover ways to eliminate temper tantrums. 6) Discover alternatives to negative behaviors. Do you want to know much more great information for dealing with your infant or toddler? You will learn some of the secrets used by many parents who don’t believe disciplining a child will need to hurt. You will learn how patience and love can replace spanking. Children from infancy into toddler time have very short attention spans. Wouldn’t you like to know how to stop the child having a temper tantrum in the middle of a church service? Discover how to teach your child positive behavior without negative results. Children will learn much from the parent and this book will guide you through the process of how simple it is to distract a child when behavior is an issue. Discover the differences between facing the problems or walking away. Do you know how to tell what is causing a particular problem with your child? Do you know what to do when two children are quarrelling over the same toy? Do you know the most effective way to discipline your child? These are just a few of the situations which can arise with your toddler. For a minimal fee, you can discover the answers to these questions and much more.