Terrific Twos!

Author: Merry Palmer

Category: Parenting

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Description:An Amazing Psychology E-Book To Guide Through A Difficult, Yet Absolutely Rewarding Journey: Parenthood of Terrible Twos Around 2-3 Years Old! Forget about constant yelling, continuous tantrums and see for yourself how to Improve your parent skills.

The ABC’s of a Beautiful Marriage: A Guide to Loving Your Spouse Above Your Marital Struggles

Author: Toyin Abiola

Category: Parenting

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Description:The ABC's Of A Beautiful Marriage is a book dedicated to giving transformational teachings to couples who are struggling with different marital problems and are thinking of ending their marriages. This book teaches couples how to raise and honor their love above their problems and work together as a team to get rid of the problem.

Play With Your Kid While Lying on the Couch (Lazy dad series Book 1)

Author: Ben Little

Category: Parenting

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Description:In today’s modern world, kids are provided with tons of incredible toys and unbelievable technologies. The parents, for their part, are guaranteed to work hard and feel tired from time to time. On the surface, it seems that our kids do not need us to entertain them and are pretty good in having fun independently. They might expect a new superhero kit every week though and rely on the latest gadgets available in the intervals.

Baby Sleep – Ultimate Guide for Supermoms

Author: Christine J. Carter

Category: Parenting

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Description:Baby sleep is not a science anymore! This Baby Sleep book is a part of the Supermom Series created for the busy new moms, who want to give their child the very best. It describes the most effective and gentle solutions for your child's sleep problems.You can use this book as a step-by-step guide and reference throughout your baby’s development. Every chapter in this book is packed with useful information, tips, and tricks to help you get your baby sleeping better in no time.

Boys and Books: What You Need to Know and Do So Your 9- to 14-Year-Old Son Will Read

Author: Hillary Tubin

Category: Parenting

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Description:Do you find you're prematurely turning gray because your son fritters away his time on mindless activities and doesn't work up to his potential in school?Have you tried to explain to him what this means for his future, but to no avail? Are you now left crossing your fingers and hoping he can "pull it together" before it's too late? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many parents (especially moms) of preteen/ early teen boys feel the same way: worried, discouraged and frustrated because they're not sure what else to do. Don't give up yet! There is something you can do. It's just that nobody shared the antidote, until now. Reading for Pleasure is the Antidote to Boys' Underperformance. It's true! The challenge: getting 9- to 14-year-old boys to want to read in their spare time without losing your mind. Enter 'Boys and Books'. With a straightforward and encouraging style, Hillary Tubin draws on her 20+ years as a literacy educator helping over 350 underperforming boys become performers through reading for pleasure at home, her candid conversations with their parents to ensure success, and groundbreaking research to show why this antidote is a game-changer. Picture your son: Performing better in school and on important standardized tests like the SATs. Growing a rich vocabulary and general knowledge of the world. Developing empathy, intellectual curiosity, better communication skills, and the capacity to thrive in a global, knowledge-based, information-driven world. Yes, it's possible! 'Boys and Books' breaks down for you the 10 Building Blocks underperforming boys need you to put into place before they will read and start to succeed (and no teaching or English degree required!).

4-Book Bundle of Better Parenting Skills

Author: V. Noot

Category: Parenting

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Description:Wow! This is the complete bundle of 4 great books on parenting! In this 4-book special about parenting, you’ll the basics of how to handle your children, whether or not it would be a good choice to have them in the first place, theories of psychologists, parenting techniques, things to do and to say, and much more.In “The Children’s Sleep Remedy” you will find wonderful tips of putting your kids to sleep and figuring out bedtime routines and techniques to ensure they have a healthy sleep.In “The 3 Parenting Styles” you can go over the theory about authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting, and evaluate how you’re doing.In “The 55 Best Ways to Compliment Your Child” you will discover which things you can say to your kid in order to boost your self-esteem by saying the right words.In “Why You Want to Have Kids” you can view an elaborate overview of the trends, the fertility rates, and the different reasons why people decide to have or not to have children. This will give you a better ground for making the best decision with your partner.This is a special deal: 4 books in one! Be the best parent you can be and read about all the advice. See what you are already doing perfectly and how you can improve even more. Keywords: make children sleep, make kids sleep, put children to bed, put kids to bed, have children sleep better, have kids sleep better, tips for a good sleep, tips for children sleep, tips for kids sleep, getting your child to sleep, getting your children to sleep, getting your kids to sleep, getting your kid to sleep, help your children fall asleep, help your kids fall asleep, help your child fall asleep, help your kid fall asleep, child sleep remedies, children sleep remedies, child sleep remedy, children sleep remedy, children sleeping cure, kids sleeping remedy, kids sleeping cure, children sleeping routine, sleeping routine for children, sleeping routine for your child, kids sleeping routine, Parenting styles, parents, good parents, good parenting, bad parents, bad parenting, authoritative parenting, authoritative parents, authoritative style, authoritarian style, authoritarian parents, authoritarian parenting, permissive parents, permissive parenting, permissive style, permissive parenting style, authoritative parenting style, authoritarian parenting style, neglectful parenting, neglectful parenting style, neglectful parents, neglectful style, nurturing children, nurturing kids, neglecting children, neglecting kids, E-book about parenting, parenting ebook, good parenting, parenting kids, raising kids, parenting children, nurturing children, nurturing kids, parenting and love, parenting in a loving way, parenting boys, parenting girls, loving parenting ebook, parenting sons, parenting daughters, raising sons, raising daughters, trust between parents and children, finding fulfillment in family life, fulfillment in children, happy family life, happy families, happy children, happy kids, happy parenting, parenting skills, good parenting skills, good qualities of parents, good qualities of children, children’s self-esteem, kid’s self-esteem, self-confidence in children, self-confidence in kids, raising your child with self-confidence, boosting self-esteem in children, boosting a child’s self-esteem, E-book about parenting, parenting ebook, good parenting, why you want kids, why you want children, why having kids, why having children, why have kids, reasons for having children, reasons for having kids, parenting kids, raising kids, parenting children, nurturing children, nurturing kids, parenting and love, parenting in a loving way, parenting boys, parenting girls, loving parenting ebook, parenting sons, parenting daughters, raising sons, raising daughters, why children are cute, benefits of children, benefits of kids, pros and cons of children, pros and cons of kids, choosing children