Author: Joanna Summers

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Your kids are approaching their teen years. If you think you had problems before, brace yourself! But don't worry. This book will teach you how you can help your teenager become a successful adult. You are yet to experience the changing of hormones and the new steps towards independence your kids are yet to take. The teen years are filled with indecision. They are difficult for parents but they are equally difficult for the teen. Not yet taken seriously as adults, it’s as if they have to fight their way through the maze of different feelings at the same time as they are experiencing bodily changes that are part of growing up. Add to that the element of peer pressure, and you certainly have the recipe for disaster! However, help is at hand.This book addresses the challenges your teens are going through, so that you, the parent, can gain a better understanding from the outset and are able to keep one step ahead of your growing offspring. They need your help. Any parent serious about helping their teenager become a successful adult should have this essential guide within reach.