Author: Jen Smith

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What is the famous Paleo Diet? It is also known as the caveman diet. What that means is that we are only supposed to eat the foods of the people during the Neolithic era. This means no grains, gluten, rice, dairy, potatoes and sugar.What are the benefits of this diet? A clean diet with no preservatives or added chemicals (which aren't good for your body), and less fat and more muscle due to more protein and less carbs. There are so many other reasons to do the paleo diet. And there are so many reasons to use a slow cooker. So put the two together, and you get my book full of 75 delicious paleo recipes that can all be made in a slow cooker. What are you waiting for? Join the Paleo revolution and start seeing results today!

Included Recipes
-Creamy Grits
-Thai Beef Stew
-Basil Chilly Pork Ribs
-Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff
-Mango Chicken Wings
And 70 more