Author: D.S. Murphy

Category: Fantasy

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I thought I had my life all figured out. Maybe my life sucked, but at least I had a bright future - a future I'd been working towards all my life. Until the day it was gone, stolen by a few sentences on a piece of paper from my dream music school. The one I should have gotten into. When a mysterious offer arrived to study in Bulgaria, I took it. What choice did I have?My life was over anyway. As I found myself sinking deeper into the ancient culture, surrounded by inhumanly good-looking classmates, I realized there was more going on than simple music classes. And then there was Denzi - the first guy I've really wanted, and the only one I can't have. As I discover dark secrets about the school, I find that far from being a stranger here, I'm actually intimately involved in a supernatural struggle. They tell me I'm the key to saving the world. But they made a mistake. They didn't realize that by teaching me to awaken my powers, they'd give me the power to destroy it instead.