Author: Michael Unks

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I can’t believe he just shared that embarrassing story. Doesn’t he care about getting laughed at? How can he be so open and honest?I’ve been asked questions like these when I’m sharing with people all the mistakes I’ve made throughout my life. I’ve learned from them; why can’t others too?

I’m not afraid to be honest if it means it can improve someone’s life.

In the past I had no confidence, only a couple friends, was overweight, shy, selfish, worried about everything, and felt life wasn’t fair.

This all changed once I developed a SIMPLE foundation. I now feel incredible, and it only took a week to completely change my life. That's right. Only ONE week!

It was the day after getting the SIMPLE foundation where I started looking forward to tomorrow where I knew that each day was going to be even better than the next. I had completely given up on myself, but after that week, I would never do that again.

I promise this foundation is what you’ve been waiting for. I promise that this foundation is SIMPLE. I promise you will immediately become more successful, likable and start achieving your dreams after reading this book.

I do believe we all have limitless potential and that’s why I wrote this book to help you realize your capabilities and get started in a week. To get the most out of life, we need to build our foundations and start building upon it right away.

The investment in yourself is the safest and most profitable investment you can make. Invest in yourself by reading this book and become more successful, likable and achieve your dreams!