Author: April Ryder

Category: New Adult Romance

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Deal starts: January 15, 2016

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A fun BBW Roller Derby Romance!After being dumped by her boyfriend, Hayley is tricked into trying out for the local roller derby team the Selby Slammers.
At the tryouts hilarity ensues when she leaves her mark on some of the hunky men in the inline hockey team practicing on the next rink over.

"At least this time I didn't end up hungover with a tattoo on my butt--I mean--Hayley is a good girl, sweet, hard working girl that would never hurt a fly, let along her best friend, who often gets her drunk and permanently inked. Adam is such a stupid poopy-head!
Ahem, frog in my throat. I think I'm getting a migraine, so I better leave before I puke all over your expensive-looking shoes…bye!" -- Hayley