Author: Melinda Kinsman

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Find out why Santa issues his first every TOY RECALL, and discover what happens next...Thingy came to live with us
last year, on Christmas Eve.
He looked so cute when he arrived,
but soon we wished he'd leave!The Top of the Wardrobe Gang are a close-knit team of book-writing cuddly toys. When Santa Claus delivers Thingy, a small but very naughty cuddly toy, they aren't particularly happy about it. In fact, after putting up with his bad behavior for months, they even decide to send him away to live somewhere else!

When Thingy's bad behavior is discovered by Santa, however, this unusual family finds out just how much they all love their annoying new member, and what lengths they will go to to keep him safe.

This story is sure to become a favorite at bedtime, especially during the build up to Christmas.

Written in a smooth rhyming rhythm, it is a great "read aloud" book for adults to enjoy reading to younger children. The story is brightly illustrated on every page, and the verses are short and simple enough for beginner readers to tackle.

Kids can take P.D. Monkey's challenge and see if they can find the spotted sock hidden on every page. For extra fun, a few simple puzzles are included after the story

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