Author: Odin Nightshade

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Matt Cullam is a journalist—one of the best. When his longtime friend Hillary, lately married into a billionaire family, invites him to her new countryside home for a mini-vacation, Matt accepts gladly.But when Mattt arrives, he finds that Hillary needs his help. Her new family is suffering a media scandal, and they need his journalistic savvy to help right the wrong. Unfortunately for Matt, helping them will involve close work with Hillary's new brother-in-law: the remote, difficult and commanding owner of the company, Drew Matherson.

Ever since their first meeting, Matt and Drew have hated each other. Drew is everything that infuriates Matt: selfish, privileged and opinionated, a true alpha. And Matt is everything that inflames Drew, it seems: caring, impulsive and uncompromising.

Will sexy alpha and omega manage to overcome their differences? And what will happen when the initial repulsion between Matt and Drew starts to blossom into something completely different?

Scandal, passion and power collide in an explosive combination in a story set in the sweeping majesty of the Northern Colorado countryside.