Author: Mary Morriss

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AUTHOR: Mary Morriss

CATEGORY: Advice & How-To



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Description: Recent research has shown that many chronic problems such as obesity, heart diseases -- even cancer -- could be caused by bacteria and other troublemakers nesting in your mouth right now. However, the problem is more brushing, flossing and mouthwash will not help. And that's where the Oil Pulling Therapy Jumpstart Guide comes in. Inside this guide, you will discover: a little-known, age-old method of oral cleansing called 'oil pulling' (according to ancient texts, this method can cure around 30 or more chronic ailments ranging from migraines, to asthma, to cancer), the five common oil pulling challenges and how to overcome each of them, the six types of oil to use and which oil is the best for oil pulling, the five simple steps in oil pulling, what to eat and what to avoid to maximize your results with oil pulling, the best time to oil pull, twenty natural home remedies you can use together with oil pulling for specific purposes like treating flu, detoxification and gum diseases, how to get started with oil pulling within the next 15 minutes, and much, much more!
PLUS, Grab Your Copy of Oil Pulling Therapy Jumpstart Guide Today & Get A Bonus Resource Handbook! In this handbook, you'll get: Four DIY essential oil infusions recipes to enhance the smell and taste of oil so you can enjoy oil pulling even more (all the essential oils used inside this guide can be easily found all over the world). Three DIY recipes for toothpaste and mouthwash that can complement your oil pulling practice (you can easily prepare these at home with ingredients you can get at any grocery shops). In just minutes from now, you can begin to: brighten your smile with whiter teeth and healthier gums, prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and many other degenerative diseases. Look younger with naturally glowing skin and hair. Shed those extra pounds. Improve digestion. Strengthen the immune system. To Get Started, Simply Grab Your Copy Of Oil Pulling Therapy Jumpstart Right Away!