Author: Maya Moss

Category: Mysteries

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Deal starts: December 09, 2015

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Monica is a successful and beautiful young woman, who is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend. She is stalking her former boyfriend Rick and Allison, the new girlfriend, to the point of trying to kill the new woman in his life. She uses messages and phone calls to scare Allison away, and when they are not enough, tries to run her off the road with her car.The police get involved when Monica appears uninvited at a wedding Rick and Allison are attending, and kisses Rick in front of everyone, before leaving with Mike, an old rival of Rick. The next morning, Mike is found dead, buried in the snow, and Rick’s business card is discovered in his pocket.

The police start the investigation, and Detective Martinez interrogates both Allison and Rick, while Monica is nowhere to be found.

Sometime later, Monica again tries to run over Allison with her car, and is admitted to a hospital when Allison manages to stand up to her.

The next few days, Monica again eludes the police, and desperately tries to convince Rick that she is the one for him. At the ski resort, where Allison and Rick are spending the weekend, Monica shoots Allison, and is finally arrested.

After Monica is put behind bars, Rick asks Allison to move in with him, and they manage to live happily despite everything Monica did to try to prevent that.