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Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in your life because you are creating a new life inside you. Your baby seems to be everything to you, so it is easy to understand that you always try to do the best thing for him. You might have been told that a healthy baby is born to a mom who has used a variety of healthy substances throughout pregnancy but you know for sure that we can’t be good at everything. What are those things so-called healthy substances? At that time, you may want to look for trusted sources to learn what you need to learn, so an eBook like Nutrition during pregnancy: Staying healthy, fit and comfortable becomes worth reading. The eBook just includes 5 chapters and the information written is based on the developing of baby in each trimester of pregnancy but each chapter is discussed about the particular role of certain nutrient to the developing of your baby. Not being prolix or complicated in explanation, all the information is just focused on how the certain nutrient is closely related to the certain health problems that often occurs during pregnancy. Therefore, you will be easy to understand and it doesn’t take you much time to get the main points. Furthermore, in each chapter, there always comes with useful tips or guides that you can easily apply to your real life. For example, in chapter 2, you can find out the useful tips that has been widely used to help you deal with your morning sickness and in chapter 4, with guides to calculate your BMI, you will easily know whether you are overweight or not. Hopefully, after reading Nutrition during pregnancy: Staying healthy, fit and comfortable, I can partially help you to be the one of the happy moms in the future when you can go through nine months of pregnancy with all excitement, safety and healthiness and most importantly, have a healthy baby. And here inside you will learn:The golden rules of nutrition for pregnant women.Understanding morning sickness and practical tips to go through morning sickness.Useful guides to know whether you are overweight during pregnancy or not.Signs to check whether you are deficient in iron during pregnancy.Quiz to check your knowledge on nutrition during pregnancy.And much more!Would you like to know more?Download and start moving towards your goals.Scroll up and click "Buy now with 1-Click" button.