Author: Steve Windsor

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Do you secretly fear that you’ll suck at writing? Is that stopping you from following your dream of becoming a storyteller? A novelist? Dare I say, an almighty Author?Don’t worry—your secret’s safe with me. In fact, I have a little secret of my own. And I’ll let you in on. Guess what? In the beginning—when we first start to write—we all suck. There. I said it. The not-so-secret fear that every writer has before they can get one word on paper—“I’m going to suck at this.”

If you could just get past that, you could start your career as a writer. “Just”… Like it’s a trivial thing, right? But if you think about it, fear is “funny.” I don’t mean funny-strange, I mean funny-humorous. And that … is what this entire book is about. We’re going to laugh at our fears and in the process, put them in their proper place—buried beneath pithy quotes and sarcastic wit. Hang on!