Author: John Reinhard Dizon

Category: Action & Adventure

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Move over, comic book crime fighters. There's a new kid on the block, and her name is the Nightcrawler.
After her father's death, Sabrina Brooks is trying to pick up the pieces and put everything together. She soon understands that her new position as CEO of Brooks Chemical Company allows her to change the world for the better. With her newfound resources, Sabrina accesses top-secret government archives of chemical weapons research. With her exceptional chemistry skills, she concocts weaponry for her own use and launches a guerrilla campaign against the drug gangs of New York.
After NYPD undercover officer Hoyt Wexford becomes friends with her and learns of her secret identity, the two wage war against the ruthless drug cartel called the Octagon and their mysterious leader, Reaper. But even with their resourcefulness and teamwork, can they bring the fiendish arch-criminal to justice?
The first book in John Reinhard Dizon's superhero novel series, The Nightcrawler is a rich 21st century thriller that combines modern and classic crime fighter fiction elements.